Eastern Harbour Community initiative
The appearance of energy production and storage for consumers is re-shaping the traditional energy system. This requires a new way of managing energy to ensure a reliable electricity grid. A neighbourhood energy trading platform could be part of the solution.
What we did
  • Analysis of hourly energy data (consumption and solar production)
  • Study the impact of EV’s demand in a prosumer community
  • Definition of a local market with simple energy-exchange rules
  • Study the effect of local EV demand shifting on increasing the community self-consumption ratio and users cost
  • In sunny months, the production rate is similar to consumption rate at the end of the day, so the introduction of energy flexibility elements and a local market would make a change
  • The introduction of 3 EVs’ demand suppose an increase of 20% the households demand
  • From the energy point of view, most of the year the EV’s could charge during the day, when there’s no households demand, increasing the use of local solar energy
  • From an economic point of view, with a local market this flexibility on EV’s demand would be translated to less cost for EVs’ users and more benefits for the prosumers with energy surplus.
What we keep doing
  • Project management
  • Dashboard development
  • Stakeholder engagement
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